Worldwide Group launches its new company: Ryme Worldwide Saudi Arabia


Worldwide Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new company Ryme Worldwide Saudi Arabia, marking a significant step forward in the group's global expansion. Over the last 3 years, Worldwide Group has collaborated with different entities in Saudi Arabia that are working with the objective of introducing a vehicle inspection model based on the use of pioneering technology throughout the country.

Saudi Arabia plays a fundamental role in the group's international expansion, as it is a center that exemplifies the commitment to business and a culture dedicated to promoting the best network of products and services in various sectors.

Saudi Arabia, an avant-garde exponent

Saudi Arabia's business community has welcomed the wide range of vehicle inspection technology offered by Worldwide Group. From complete inspection lines, auxiliary tools, mobile units and operation and management software such as SMRW and e-swift. Entities and operators in the region have trusted our solutions to improve their operations.

Michael Delaney, reflecting on the strategic importance of Saudi Arabia, stated: “We identify Saudi Arabia as a key market for Worldwide Group more than three years ago when We introduced our technology in the country for the first time. To offer TheWorldwideDifference is To our growing customer base in Saudi Arabia, we have made the strategic decision to establish a 100% presence dedicated to this market through Ryme Worldwide Saudi Arabia. “The country is simply fundamental to Worldwide Group’s growth strategy.”

James Delaney, Group CFO, expressed his confidence with the new project stating, “I am confident that Ryme Worldwide Saudi Arabia will add significant value to Worldwide Group. With 2023 being a record year for the group, we project further growth for 2024, with Saudi Arabia playing a crucial role in the expansion, positively impacting our financial performance.”

The creation of the new Ryme Worldwide aligns with Worldwide Group's broader international strategy, which includes the recent creation of entities such as Ryme Worldwide Ltd in the United Kingdom y Ryme Worldwide GmbH in Germany. Recognizing the importance of immersing itself in local markets, the group values the process of understanding the nuances of each market, actively listening to its needs and adapting solutions accordingly.

The spirit of “TheWorldwideDifference” is now firmly established in the Middle East, where the company aims to forge quality and lasting relationships in the medium and long term. Beyond mere transactions, Worldwide Group aims to operate as fully functional and empathetic companies within their respective environments. In essence, the goal is to bring our unique way of working to every corner of the planet where we are established. The addition of Ryme Worldwide Saudi Arabia to our group's international expansion represents a commitment to foster collaboration, understanding and mutually beneficial partnerships in the dynamic Middle East market.

In summary, the launch of the new company Ryme Worldwide marks a strategic move for Worldwide, consolidating its presence in a key market and demonstrating its dedication to offering innovative solutions and establishing lasting relationships on a global scale.