Worldwide Group

Worldwide group is made up of the synergy of companies created between the US-based brand Worldwide Environmental Products and Ryme, which after the acquisition by the American company became Ryme Worldwide.

Together we make the Worldwide Group, which we are in a process of expansion in the broadest sense of the word: team, customer base, distributors, and of course, to create a complete inspection equipment solution.

Our goal is clear: to continue to grow in order to show the world what it is like to TheWorldwideDifference.

7 locations international
More from 40 years of experience
Presence in more than 75 countries
More from 200 internal employees
Catalogue of more than 100 products and solutions
More from the 50% of international customers
Growth of more than 30% for the last 3 years
Collaboration with more than 80 companies private and public

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