The Worldwide Difference


Founded in 1982, Ryme is a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment for the technical and safety inspection of vehicles. Ryme's headquartersof 15,000 m2, is located in Burgos, Spain. The company's goal is to develop new products and to continuously improve the products currently on the vehicle inspection market.

Since 1984, Worldwide Environmental Productsa high-growth technology company, has been designing, implementing, operating and servicing various types of vehicle inspection programmes from its headquarters at California. From inspection equipment design and maintenance, software development, database management, quality control and quality assurance, to staff training, Worldwide provides turnkey solutions for the successful management of vehicle inspection programmes.

Together, they create a perfect synergy in which, as a group, we are able to offer a complete vehicle inspection solution.. The company, located in Spain, offers products for technical inspection and these are complemented by gas analysis and management software solutions.