Quality and Environment

They say that everything worthwhile should be shared. We believe the same. That's why we're not content to make environmental responsibility our core value: we want it to be yours too. That's why we advise our partners and meet their needs, always respecting our common goals and addressing their specific concerns and constraints when it comes to the proper implementation of vehicle emissions inspection programmes.

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Our scope of action encompasses the development and marketing of hardware and software, training of operators, raising public awareness through our social media platforms and playing an active role in promoting cleaner vehicles worldwide. But our commitment to the environment does not stop there. We have adopted systems to ensure product life cycle optimisation, as well as to mitigate the impact of our activity.

In keeping with our desire to achieve true sustainability for our products, we have implemented and maintain a Quality and Environmental Policy. based on the requirements of the Standards UNE EN ISO 9001:2015: "Quality Management Systems, Requirements« y UNE EN ISO 14001:2015: “Environmental Management Systems”.

The objective of the Quality and Environmental Policy is satisfy our customers by providing them with products and services tailored to their requirements, as well as those established by the legal provisions in force, without making any commitment that could have a negative impact on either quality or our planet.

We are committed to the following objectives

The definition of sustainability is a concept in constant evolution, and we want to grow with it. For this reason, the review of the objectives that make up our Quality and Environment Policy as well as the establishment of new goals and guidelines, is routinely carried out by management according to rigorous standards to ensure continued success and progress.