The Road Safety Data Report is now available and this is what you should know

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In a further step to improve global road safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the highly anticipated Road Safety Data Global Status Report. This comprehensive document sheds light on road accidents and deaths worldwide, providing essential information to guide road safety policies and strategies.

Worldwide Group, an enthusiastic collaborator in the dissemination of this report, highlights its commitment to vehicle safety by actively sharing this vital resource with its audience. Furthermore, the company emphasizes the importance of innovative Road Safety Data App, the application for mobile devices also developed by the WHO, which facilitates intuitive access and analysis of road safety data.

The Essentials of the 2023 Road Safety Report

This WHO report highlights current trends, emerging challenges and opportunities to improve road safety. Compiled from various sources and with comprehensive evaluations, it is presented as a fundamental guide for making informed decisions at a global level.

Road Safety Data App – Easy Access and Intuitive Analysis

As an essential complement to the report, Ryme Worldwide presents the “Road Safety Data App”. This app, developed in collaboration with WHO, provides instant access to the full report. Available on iOS and Android devices, the app offers interactive visualizations, custom filters and update alerts, ensuring users always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Main Features of the WHO Road Safety Data App

  1. Instant Access to the Full Report: The app offers a direct link to the WHO report, allowing users to explore each section easily and quickly.
  2. Interactive Visualizations: Interactive graphs and visualizations make data easier to understand, allowing you to identify patterns and trends more clearly.
  3. Custom Filters: Users can apply custom filters to segment data based on region, road type, age and other factors, providing more specific and detailed insight.
  4. Update Alerts: The app notifies users of regular report updates, ensuring they always have the latest information.

Discover the Reality of Road Safety and Act Now

The WHO report is not just a compendium of data, but an essential tool to drive concrete actions that save lives on the roads. To access the full WHO report, click here.

Additionally, we invite you to download the Ryme Worldwide Road Safety Data App, available for free on the App Store y Google Play. With this application, you will be able to explore and analyze data interactively, contributing to awareness and the implementation of measures to improve road safety.

Join the Mission: Act Now to Make a Difference

We encourage everyone to dive into the report and use the app to understand the current road safety situation. Every download and every data scan helps raise awareness and encourage action that saves lives on the roads. Join us on this crucial mission. Download the app, access the report and act now to build safer roads for everyone! With Ryme Worldwide, make a difference in road safety.


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