MVPI Saudi Arabia selects Ryme Worldwide as equipment and new technology supplier

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

14 October 2020

MVPI Saudi Arabia selects Ryme Worldwide as a supplier of equipment and new technologies.

In April 2020, the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI) of Saudi Arabia, through RFP number 001, invited qualified companies to submit proposals for new high-tech inspection lanes. MVPI was specifically looking for automation with new innovations, an intelligent system, less human interference to improve the inspection process. After a thorough review and evaluation process of the technical and financial bids received, MVPI decided to proceed with Worldwide Environmental Products (Worldwide) Ryme as the winning bidder.

MVPI is a public vehicle periodic inspection services company established in 1986. MVPI's goal is to provide quality inspection and a good experience to Saudi citizens and residents. MVPI currently operates 30 inspection centres and is building 19 new inspection centres that will start operating in 2021 throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ryme, founded in 1982, is a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment for the technical and safety inspection of vehicles. Ryme's 15,000 m2 headquarters are located in Burgos, Spain.

Worldwide, a California-based global leader in vehicle inspection software development, has been building strong partnerships to provide the most innovative, safe and accepted software in the world since 1984.

"Ryme Worldwide was selected as the winner of the selection process for its turnkey solution that stood out from the other bids. The quality of the software equipment and management system enabled Worldwide to score higher than the competition. The development and advanced technology of the proposal is exactly what MVPI is looking for to continue to be a leader in the industry."

Michael Delaney, Ryme CEO and CDO of Worldwide, "MVPI will reap the benefits of receiving the industry's most proven inspection equipment combined with the latest innovative software and database management technology. This project is a perfect example of how one of the world's most established vehicle inspection operators understands the strength of the Ryme Worldwide partnership".

MVPI and Ryme have signed an agreement to advance the partnership.

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