Ryme Worldwide GmbH, a new German company of Worldwide Group


Worldwide Group, announces the opening of its new company, Ryme Worldwide GmbH, in Bavaria, Germany.

In this way, the Worldwide Group continues its strategy of expanding into new international markets and strengthening its presence in existing markets.

The increasing demands of the numerous vehicles with complex systems require appropriate technical solutions. The Worldwide Group team has continuously expanded its portfolio of products and technologies with a view to widening our the concept we have of vehicle technical inspection.

From now onwards, the group's forty years of experience will be shared with its partners and customers through Ryme Worldwide GmbH. This choice is intended to successfully implement and expand inspections.

Alexander Jazeschen, COO of Ryme Worldwide GmbH, said: "I am proud that the management of Worldwide Environmental has entrusted me to run the day-to-day operations of Ryme Worldwide GmbH [...].

The new office will enable us to create a cohesive sales and service network under the leadership of Klaus Eldner and to further strengthen our capabilities in this region".

The creation of offices in Germany symbolises the group's commitment to a strategic point on the planet, where it will try to implement its current solutions. But the idea is also to implement new models with products and solutions never seen before in our catalogue.

"The team we have assembled has a wealth of experience and expertise in the sector, and we are excited to get started. This represents a strategic expansion of Worldwide Group in Europe, which is an important part of our expansion plan," said Michael Delaney, CEO of Ryme in Spain and CDO of Worldwide Group, who will assume the role of CEO of Ryme Worldwide GmbH.

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