Play detector DHU TOTAL

The electro-hydraulic play detector DHU TOTAL checks the condition of vehicle axles and their components. It makes it possible to observe the possible wear and the resulting play in vehicles up to 18 T.

Two test plates installed at ground level are guided in their movements by the switches of the hand-held torch.

It includes four movements per plate with a single control device.

Standard equipment

  • 2 electro-hydraulic play detectors with 4 movements
  • Hydraulic power group
  • Electrical box
  • Control torch with cable

Console for storing the hydraulic unit (optional)

Technical data

  • Maximum axle load18 T
  • Engine2,2 kW
  • Voltage400 V 50 Hz
  • Thermal protector4,5-6,3 A
  • Fuse protection10 A
  • LED lamp12 V - 6 W
  • Hydraulic unit tank capacity15-18 l
  • Hydraulic pump15 l/min
  • Pushing force30 kN
  • Displacement per side105 mm
  • Travelling speed6.4 cm/s
  • Dimensions of each plate824 x 824 x 196 mm
  • Weight of each plate270 kg
  • Drive and control in a corded torch