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Worldwide Group continues with its ambitious process of international expansion and we want to keep you informed of everything that happens in our environment, which is why we see it as essential to create spaces on LinkedIn so that you can access the latest information about the group company closest to you.

After the recent creation of LinkedIn Ryme Worldwide Ltd, the group's management sees it as essential to continue reporting on the work of our companies around the world, so, in order to communicate more directly with our Latin American audience, we launched the LinkedIn page in February 2024. Worldwide Environmental Mexico.

Our way of communicating with Mexico

Worldwide Environmental has been a reality since 2019 in the State of Jalisco where we are the sole provider of government verification technology and work hand in hand with public and private entities to improve the air quality of all Jalisco residents. Together with Dekra and Applus+, WEP is operating nearly 20 centers where vehicles throughout the state can verify whether their emissions system is efficient or not. The Responsible Verification program, which is what the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development SEMADET calls it, is 100% TheWorldwideDifference, a synergy of pioneering technology for carrying out tests + software created for the needs of the program + VISION system that manages it comprehensively from the appointment to the issuance of the badges. Sounds incredible right?

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Furthermore, it will be the first WEP space in Spanish.

«Mexico is one of the group's most important markets»

These are the words of the group's General Director Michael Delaney and CEO of WEP Mexico, who is deeply optimistic about the strategy in Mexico and adds that "We have an aggressive plan to grow in the country and I am pleased with the opportunity to share the news with the world. of our Mexican company. In addition to the creation of the LinkedIn site, Adán Espejo General Director of the Mexican company adds on behalf of the entire team that "We are very excited to launch this communication space that will allow us to share the latest news and solutions from Worldwide Environmental Mexico. With more than a decade of presence in the country, we reaffirm our commitment to the expansion and strengthening of our operations. "We are proud to contribute to a Mexico with cleaner air and safer roads through our cutting-edge solutions for vehicle emissions verification and physical-mechanical inspection."

This is the world map of LinkedIn accounts from Worldwide Group

As you already know, Ryme Worldwide Spain y Worldwide Environmental Products UYesYes, they have been establishing relationships with you on our LinkedIn accounts for more than 5 years, but we have 3 more spaces for you on LinkedIn:

  • Ryme Worldwide GmbH- Our German society with content in German and English.
  • Ryme Worldwide Ltd: Worldwide Group's latest adventure in the United Kingdom with exclusive content for the English market.
  • Worldwide Environmental Mexico: we have been working in the Mexican market for more than a decade and for us it is a must to be able to update you every week about us.

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