Ryme promotes Tizona Raid, Burgos in the solidarity Dakar in Morocco


Ryme Worldwide is proud to announce a collaboration as main sponsor of the  Tizona Raid Team, composed of two students from the University of Burgos, Adrián Santirso and Sergio García. As an international reference in equipment for Vehicle Technical Inspections, we believe in the importance of supporting initiatives that promote fundamental values and contribute to the well-being of communities and that of course have the automotive industry as a common link.

The Tizona Raid Team and its Journey in Uniraid Morocco: Differentiating ourselves with Values

Adrián Santirso and Sergio García, dedicated students from the University of Burgos, form the Tizona Raid Team that will venture into the Uniraid 2023 Morocco, a competition known for its adventurous spirit and humanitarian commitment. More than a race, this journey challenges participants to cross the Moroccan desert while carrying out solidarity actions that benefit local communities.

This collaboration, within the framework of our philosophy TheWorldwideDifference is, highlights our commitment to making a difference not only in the field of ITV, but also in the lives of people and communities. Although the exact financial aspect has been a boost to the Burgos club, we want to highlight that this collaboration goes beyond traditional sponsorship.

Ryme Worldwide: Commitment to Training and Development

It is essential to recognize that Adrián Santirso and Sergio García, UBU students, seek not only to participate in an exciting competition, but also to promote their training and personal development. At Ryme Worldwide, we believe in the importance of supporting the next generation and providing opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in challenging environments.

This collaboration is part of our commitment to the educational sector, where we not only support the adventurous spirit of the Tizona Raid Team, but also contribute to the development of skills and experiences that will make a difference in their academic and professional careers. Eat the world guys!

Since they couldn't go to Morocco without testing the car, here at Ryme Worldwide they have already carried out the tests to drift through the dunes without problems: Visit our LinkedIn to see how they did

Ryme Worldwide collaborates with Tizona Raid, the Burgos team that will participate in Uniraid 2024

Worldwide Group and Commitment to the Future: Beyond the Competition

As part of Worldwide Group, Ryme Worldwide is proud to kick off our battery of initiatives with education with the guys from the Tizona Raid Team. Our philosophy is embodied in this initiative, where we seek to build meaningful bridges between our operations and the communities we serve. Beyond the competition, the team will carry out solidarity actions along its route, demonstrating that the spirit of solidarity can go hand in hand with the passion for motorsports.

We are excited to be a part of this adventure and look forward to sharing updates and highlights as the competition develops. Join us on this exciting journey as Adrián and Sergio take our values to new heights at Uniraid Morocco. Together, we work towards a better future, advancing the training of the next generation and contributing to the well-being of communities around the world with TheWorldwideDifference is.