Ryme Worldwide to conquer Oceania


Ryme Worldwide is pleased to announce its latest presence plan in Oceania, marking another giant step in Worldwide's global expansion. Worldwide Group. Having made a strong mark in Africa, Europe, America and Asia, we now extend our presence to Australia and New Zealand, cementing our commitment to being a truly “Worldwide” company.

Our entry into these strategic markets has been facilitated thanks to a strategic partnership with EquipSpecs Ltd, a specialist equipment distribution company led by Bruce Hundley. This, as a visible image of the company, expresses his enthusiasm with this new project: "I am excited to collaborate with Ryme Worldwide to introduce their range of brake testing equipment and allied equipment to the Australian and New Zealand market."

This strategic partnership has also been supported and driven by Michael Delaney, CEO of Worldwide Group, who commented: “The Worldwide Group has been active in the Pacific Islands for over 10 years through multiple contracts providing and supporting our vehicle inspection. Working with Bruce and the team at Equip Specs Limited allows us to enter markets in Australia and New Zealand. I'm looking forward to growing the brand. Ryme Worldwide in both countries.

For his part, Hicham Temsamani, Deputy Managing Director of Ryme Worldwide, added: "We are excited to be able to offer our products and services in Oceania with such interesting countries as Australia and New Zealand, two strategic markets in constant socioeconomic growth."

The horizon of our technology in Oceania

Holding firm to our commitment to environmental sustainability and road safety, we are confident that our entry into Australia and New Zealand will make a significant difference, continuing our legacy of global excellence – TheWorldwideDifference. The Ryme and Equip Specs team is already working on what and how to show you our products and solutions, so pay attention to our networks and websites to keep up to date with our news.

Do you want to contact Bruce now? Here is his email: bruce@equipspecs.co.nz

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