RY-400 V2 tachograph speed limiter tester

Limiter tester, gauge and programmer for analogue and digital tachographs RY-400 V2, used at vehicle inspection stations to check the speed limiter on tachographs.

Principal functions:

  • Measurement factor “W” (Manual and photocell)
  • Measurement factor “K”
  • Parameter setting
  • Bench test (manual and automatic)
  • odometer test
  • Reading DTCs (only for installers)
  • Sensor Pairing (KITAS)
  • clock test

Standard equipment

  • Speed limiter RY-400 V2
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Battery
  • lighter charger
  • 12V power supply
  • Cable 1319 for ITV
  • Clamp-ground connection cable
  • 1318 cable, 1314 flat test DC cable and 1318 flat test DC cable
  • SMRW data collection, analysis and reporting software
  • Carrying case
Briefcase-speed limiter-tachographs-Ryme-Worldwide
Carrying case

Technical data

  • ConnectionBluetooth
  • DisplayBacklit LCD
  • Power supply9-30VDC
  • Made of ABS (IP40)
  • power current12mA
  • Operating temperature0-70ºC
  • Dimensions150x100x45mm
  • Weight155g


Ryme Worldwide has SMRW (Software Maquinaria Ryme Worldwide) for its equipment, which is responsible for collecting information from our equipment and peripherals, analysing it and displaying it on the information output device. All of this is accompanied by the necessary electronics to optimise performance to the maximum.

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