Side slip tester ALU

The ALU universal side slip tester is designed for efficient verification of the steering axle geometry of vehicles up to 20 T per axle at passage.

  • Fully automatic evaluation of the deviation in m/km.
  • Positive (convergent) or negative (divergent) deviation displayed on the screen by SMRW software
  • Storage of up to 10 axles.

Standard equipment

  • Alignment plate
  • Electronic control and SMRW software
  • Possibility of console or integration kit

Console for heavy vehicle equipment

Technical data

  • Test speed5-10 km/h
  • Maximum load20 T
  • Scale-20 to 20 mm/m
  • Measuring range0.1 mm/m / 0.1 m/km
  • Voltage230 V - 50 Hz
  • 3 levels of measurementDegrees and minutes, m/km / Chart, bar
  • On-screen displayConvergent, divergent, correct
  • Memorisation of axles10
  • Plate dimensions1,000 x 1,012 mm
  • Weight260 kg


Ryme Worldwide has SMRW (Software Maquinaria Ryme Worldwide) for its equipment, which is responsible for collecting information from our equipment and peripherals, analysing it and displaying it on the information output device. All of this is accompanied by the necessary electronics to optimise performance to the maximum.

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