ASM 4WD acceleration simulation emissions bench

The ASM emissions test bench for 4WD vehicles can prevent, locate and investigate possible ignition and injection problems, as well as improve fuel consumption and measure vehicle emissions under load.

During emissions testing, power absorption in accordance with the ASM standard is achieved by means of an air-cooled electric brake. It consists of a double steel monocoque frame housing two rollers facing each other per wheel at the front and four rollers per wheel aligned at the rear. The front rollers of the first frame are coated with tungsten carbide to improve vehicle grip and prevent roller wear.

The entire assembly is linked to an energy-absorbing electric brake. In addition, to facilitate access to and exit from the vehicle, it has a pneumatically operated locking lifting mechanism. Equipped with a clutch that allows the front and rear parts to be engaged or disengaged.

Compatible with our gas analysers EIS-5000, RY-500AG RY-4000AG (Click on the names to learn more about each analyser)

Standard equipment

  • 4WD dynamometer
  • Control console
  • Electronic control and SMRW software
  • Remote control for test control
  • Simulation of loads by means of the eddy-current brake
  • 5-gas analyser module
  • Sampling probe
  • Weather station
  • Central lifting system with automatic roller locking for easy exit from the vehicle

Technical data

Technical data dynamometer
  • Maximum axle load4 T
  • Maximum test speed300 km/h
  • Min. / max. track width785 - 2,310 mm
  • Measuring step0.1 km/h / 0.1 HP
  • Measurable power300 kW / 407 hp
  • Roller locking systemPneumatic
  • Voltage400 V 50 Hz
  • Length of rollers752 mm
  • Outside diameter of rollers352 mm
  • Distance between roller axles498 mm
  • Pneumatic supply8 Bar min.
  • ConnectionsRS 232
  • Measurement resolution

    ± 0.1 km/h

Technical data gas analyser

Software dynamometric bench + gas analyser (coming soon)

Ryme Worldwide has SMRW (Software Maquinaria Ryme Worldwide) for its equipment, which is responsible for collecting information from our equipment and peripherals, analysing it and displaying it on the information output device. All of this is accompanied by the necessary electronics to optimise performance to the maximum.

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