Door pressure dynamometer 83500N

Dynamometer door pressure switch 83500N by Ryme Worldwide is a stand-alone device designed to measure the pressure of automatic doors.

  • Power supply with 9 V battery
  • Made of aluminium with anti-corrosion treatment
  • USB / Radio communication
  • Repeatability of the measure
  • Internal memory storage until deleted
  • Peak and maintained value measurement

Standard equipment

  • Pressure dynamometer 83500N
  • SMRW data collection, analysis and reporting software 
  • Wireless receiver
  • Battery
  • Carrying case

Technical data

  • Nominal force

    350 N

  • Maximum strength without loss of characteristics500 N
  • Accuracy1%
  • Resolution0,1 N
  • Working temperature-10 to 65ºC
  • Sensitivity threshold (N)50 N
  • Low pass filter cut-off frequency

    100 Hz

  • Transceiver operating frequency

    863-870 mHz

  • Maximum measurement deviation from the calibrator value (±%)± 0,4 N
  • Cell stiffness10 + 0,2 N/mm
  • ProtectionIP50


Ryme Worldwide has SMRW (Software Maquinaria Ryme Worldwide) for its equipment, which is responsible for collecting information from our equipment and peripherals, analysing it and displaying it on the information output device. All of this is accompanied by the necessary electronics to optimise performance to the maximum.

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