Brakecheck Decelerometer BRK01749

The BrakeCheck decelerometer is a portable, fully self-contained, battery-powered device that can be used in workshops, government traffic authorities, test and inspection stations, etc., to test and report on vehicle brake performance.

The BrakeCheck determines the braking performance of both the Service Brake (Foot Brake) and the Hand Brake by measuring the deceleration. LCD display for data visualisation.

Main features

  • Measures Front / Rear Tip Deceleration
  • Measures deceleration Average Front / Rear
  • Measures tip deceleration Left / Right
  • Indication and value of vehicle swerving left/right under braking
  • Calculates stopping distance (metres) and test speed (km/h).
  • Readout expressed in acceleration values (m/s2)
  • Can be used in the handbrake test
  • Acoustic signal
  • Test results are given in "G" units (accurate to ± 0.02 G).
  • Internal self-diagnostics, "Calibration required" indicator
  • RS-232 output

Standard equipment

  • BrakeCheck Decelerometer BRK01749
  • Printer
  • Charger
  • Carrying case
  • SMRW software for data submission and analysis
Thermal printer

Technical data

  • ConnectionUSB
  • DisplayLED
  • Power supply5 V / 500 - 1,500 mA
  • Measuring range0-10 m/s² (0-10 m/s²)
  • Measuring step0.1 m/s² 0.1 m/s² 0.1 m/s² 0.1 m/s² 0.1 m/s
  • Operating temperature0-50ºC
  • Dimensions170 x 80 x 35 mm
  • Weight400 g


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