24 V trailer socket testers

Socket testers 24V are very useful for ITV, electrical workshops, trailer hitch installers, agricultural machinery workshops, and even private individuals.

They allow to verify the correct connection of the sockets after installation.

4 metre cable versions are available on all models, allowing checks to be made from the driver's seat.

High luminosity LED indicators.

No external power supply required.

Protected against connection errors.

Complete set Vehicles 24 V (15 + 7 poles)

New 15 Pole Model with Simulation

Simulates lamp consumption. Allows testing of all vehicles, including those equipped with CAN BUS (and other systems that detect blown lamps).


  1. a) DIN/ISO 12098 24 V 15 Pole with Simulation
  2. b) DIN/ISO 1185 24 V / 7 Pole N-Type
  3. c) DIN/ISO 3731 24 V / 7 Pole S-Type