The inspection of the electric scooter, a clamor within the sector


In a world in constant evolution, where Urban mobility changes day by day, greatly marked by personal mobility vehicles such as the electric scooter, road safety becomes a crucial issue. Recently, Barcelona was the setting where more than 250 professionals met to discuss the role of the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) in improving road safety and environmental protection. In addition to reflecting on the present, the future challenges facing this constantly changing sector were addressed.

The ITV Sectoral Congress 2023, organized by the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (Aeca-ITV), and with title sponsorship from Ryme Worldwide and #WorldwideGroup, took place on October 4 and 5 in Barcelona under the motto "Looking to the future." During this event, representatives of the sector and members of various institutions met to analyze fundamental issues related to ITV.

The role of the electric scooter and personal mobility vehicles

One of the topics that gained special relevance during the congress was the pressing need to adapt the ITV to electric vehicles, and in particular, to personal mobility vehicles, such as the electric scooter, which is gaining ground significantly in our cities. In Spain, it is estimated that more than one million of these vehicles circulate, and their safety has become a growing concern. It was in this context that Aeca-ITV presented a specific inspection proposal for these vehicles, with the aim of guaranteeing their safe operation and reducing the risks they may represent for other users of public roads.

Another important challenge that was discussed at the congress was the high level of absenteeism in the ITV, which currently reaches 36.4% in Spain. To address this problem, various proposals were put forward, including the use of low emission zone (ZBE) cameras to control vehicles with expired ITV, the requirement of the ITV as a requirement for contracting, renewal or subrogation of vehicle insurance policies, and the promotion of road safety courses and awareness campaigns about the importance of ITV for road safety and the environment.

In addition to these challenges, the crucial issue of digitalization of technical inspection stations was addressed. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) announced upcoming actions, including the digitization of ITV type A cards and improvements in data communication between the DGT and ITV stations. This initiative seeks to modernize and streamline the inspection process, thus contributing to greater efficiency and precision in the detection of possible safety problems in vehicles.

In summary, the ITV Sector Congress 2023 revealed the firm commitment of the ITV sector to adapt to the constant changes in mobility and to guarantee safety on Spanish roads. The specific inspection proposal for personal mobility vehicles and the initiatives to reduce absenteeism at the ITV are concrete examples of this commitment, which has a direct impact on road safety and environmental protection in a constantly evolving world. .

In Worldwide Group, we share this vision of a safer and more sustainable future on our roads. We will continue to work actively to raise awareness in society about the importance of road safety and to contribute to making this world a better place for everyone. What is your opinion on these challenges and solutions in the field of ITV?