These are the automotive events of Ryme Worldwide GmbH

Ryme Worldwide GmbH Worldwide-Group-en-GTÜ-Bundeskongress-KÜS-Jahreshauptversammlung

In Worldwide Group We are very aware that participation in automotive events is always beneficial both at the commercial level of our companies and for the professional growth of our team and their networks of contacts. Our German company Ryme Worldwide GmbH, which has been in business for 1 year since last September, It is establishing itself as a fixture in the events of the German country.

KÜS, a trusted partner for Ryme Worldwide GmbH

At the end of September, we participated in the KÜS Jahreshauptversammlung 2023 (KÜS Annual Committee) where The companies surrounding the KÜS activity get together to show our new products in a co-working space and of course a moment to talk about the services that KÜS operates.

KÜS, in one of its specializations, has nearly 1,600 engineers who guarantee the safety of vehicles in many places. Without adhering to 100% vehicle inspection, where Ryme Worldwide usually works, the German corporation offers a multitude of inspection services for technical elements of all types of vehicles.

Our COO and our Commercial Director have been in charge of covering these events.

The GTÜ sectoral congress

To start October in the best possible way, Ryme Worldwide GmbH has participated in the  GTÜ Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung mbH Bundeskongress 2023 (GTÜ Regional Sectoral Congress). This is the largest organization of self-employed experts and officially recognized, which makes it the greatest and most prestigious reference. To get an idea of the magnitude of GTÜ, we attach a series of data:

  • More than 5,000 autonomous experts.
  • More than 10,400 inspection positions in mobile workshops and dealerships.
  • Network of engineers throughout the country.

If as an association of the sector they are a reference, Its annual conference is marked as mandatory on our calendars. As providers of vehicle inspection technology, these types of events enrich companies in the sector, where we can share experiences and opinions.

Apart from the spaces to exhibit some of our products and services, several debates and round tables have been held. Within the event's discussion forums, the importance of information management and cybersecurity was also discussed. And, looking at the future of the sector, the topic “Motivation in times of change”. In them, the common point is the horizon of vehicle inspection which, as we are seeing in all the events we attend, demand more efficient and secure data management software systems and synergy with the rest of the equipment. .

Ryme Worldwide GmbH, as a Worldwide Group company, is very aware of what we have just mentioned and we are always open to incorporating any of the systems such as vision and e-swift, which already operate in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland and the United States.

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