Worldwide Group Looking to the Future of Vehicle Technical Inspection

Worlwide-Group-Congreso-Sectoral-AECA-ITV-Ryme Worldwide Group

As was traditional before the pandemic, colleagues from AECA-ITV (Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles) have organized the ITV Sectoral Congress on October 4 and 5, 2023 in Barcelona. Under the motto "Looking to the Future" different personalities from the vehicle inspection sector have participated in different forums and colloquiums on the horizon of road safety.

This was the position of Worldwide Group

Worldwide Group, led by our General Director Michael Delaney, has participated in the round table “NEW VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURES – MEASUREMENTS EQUIPMENT”. As inspection technology providers, we must be able to orient our equipment offering to the needs of society. As we have explained:

"We cannot ignore the presence of electric vehicles on the roads and, as international organizations such as CITA request, we must restructure the model in which these vehicles receive inspection and consider new tests such as battery review."

And it is true that no one is surprised that in a diesel or gasoline vehicle any part of the vehicle's operation is checked: OBD test, emissions, braking systems... but nevertheless We are still quite reluctant to incorporate tests for electric vehicles.

At the Round Table, we also share the importance of information management software, because we believe that they provide a large amount of added value to the inspection:

  • Further security, by incorporating encryption protocols to avoid corruption.
  • Further effectiveness, with the ability to automate processes.
  • Minor time of inspection, with the consequences of energy savings and increased income.

At Ryme Worldwide, as a company with more than 40 years as providers of vehicle inspection technology, we are aware that Spain is an international benchmark in the matter, But that does not mean we should lose sight of the future.

Doing self-criticism to develop R&D initiatives for the entire sector is also TheWorldwideDifference is

The scope of the event and our proposals

The AECA-ITV ITV Sectoral Congress It has had quite a reach in the media and several have echoed the proposals that ITV technology providers made.

For RTVE It has been a good opportunity to review the statistics of the inspections of these years in the inspection centers, indicating that "Passing the ITV is an act of social responsibility" or that "The ITV saves 723 lives per year." And they also talk about how the news ignores the problems derived from environmental health.

The companions of 20 minutes They emphasize the position that the equipment manufacturers have taken and our proposals on electric vehicles. Same as since South Journal, which also add the more than possible inspection of electric personal mobility vehicles.

For the sector and for Worldwide Group, it is essential that the media work to disseminate information.