Certification + launch in Germany of the R-LVB Light Vehicle Brake Tester series

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Worldwide Group, through its German branch Ryme Worldwide GmbH, achieves a significant milestone with the DEKRA homologation DEKRA and the launch of the R-LVB Series. Marked with certificate number 2023-11-DEL231117, this double announcement means a strategic leap in the company's expansion within the German PTI market.

R-LVB Series OK: A small big step for the group

In a momentous step forward, Worldwide Group proudly announces the DEKRA homologation and the launch of the R-LVB brake tester series. This double achievement, marked by certificate number 2023-11-DEL231117, symbolizes a strategic expansion for Worldwide Group within the German industry.
Leveraging its deep knowledge of the domestic market and strong industry connections, Ryme Worldwide GmbH, the group's native arm, contributed significantly to streamlining and accelerating the homologation process.
From a product engineering standpoint, the R-LVB brake tester line, which includes models R-LVB300, R-LVB307 and R-LVB310, has been meticulously designed to meet German vehicle inspection standards. The R-LVB300 model is intended for the inspection of light vehicles, while the R-LVB307 and R-LVB310 models meet the inspection needs of light vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs. In a market where reliability is paramount, these technological solutions stand out for their robust, reliable and long-lasting performance. Their modular nature and full integrability make them a versatile solution for various operational requirements.

Each model offers integration with ASA-Live Stream for standardized data access: this interface, mandatory for more than a decade in Germany, is not only a regulatory requirement, but also a critical factor enabling the sale and use of the Ryme Worldwide test benches within the country.

“The DEKRA approval and launch of the R-LVB series marks a significant milestone in our strategic expansion,” Ryme Worldwide GmbH. “This double achievement demonstrates the dedication of our German subsidiary and positions us as a key player in the German PTI equipment market.”
«The strategic expansion of the Worldwide Group is now supported by the DEKRA homologation and the launch of the R-LVB series. “It is a testament to their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.”

The launch of the R-LVB line and the success of the approval mean more than just the introduction of a product; It is the first step towards establishing the Worldwide Group as a key player in the German PTI equipment market. This achievement allows Ryme Worldwide GmbH to bring its technical expertise to customers willing to greatly benefit from it.
At the core of the group's value proposition is a commitment to providing a complete suite of solutions for PTI, ranging from highly adaptable equipment to state-of-the-art software, supported by world-class after-sales service. By taking this monumental step, we hope to expand our presence and have a lasting impact on the road safety landscape in Germany and beyond.

One more example of our synergy

We express our gratitude to our dedicated team, our partners and the German regulatory authorities for their collaboration in making the R-LVB series a reality. “This marks a turning point in the direction of the group and reinforces our determination to continue ensuring road safety, advocating for environmental awareness and responsibility and having an overall positive impact on the automotive industry around the world.”
Explore the future today with R-LVB Brake Testers, proudly approved by DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH under the direction of Worldwide Group's year-long expansion efforts.

To learn more about the availability of the R-LVB series and explore personalized support, we encourage potential customers to contact our colleagues at Ryme Worldwide GmbH. They will be happy to provide you with detailed information, answer your questions and ensure you have a seamless experience tailored to your specific needs.

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