Solar energy gets a foothold at Ryme Worldwide


Solar energy is coming to Ryme Worldwide with the installation of solar panels at its headquarters. This initiative is a further step in our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.

At Worldwide Group we are convinced that companies have a great responsibility in the fight against climate change. That is why, we have decided to take a step forward and go for renewable energies as a source of energy for our head office..

The installation of these solar panels will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the responsible use of natural resources. In addition, it will mean significant financial savings on our electricity bill, which will allow us to allocate more resources to research and development projects.

A further commitment to solar energy and sustainability

The commitment to renewable energies is nothing new for the group. For some time now, we have been introducing improvements in our production processes in order to reduce our environmental impact, as we have been doing for some time now. as reflected in the objectives we set out in our ISO 14001:2015. The installation of these solar panels is another step on this path, and we are proud to be able to share it with all our customers and partners.

In addition, we would like to emphasise that our decision to go for renewable energies is a decision we have made in the past. it is not just a question of environmental commitment. It is also a strategic commitment, as sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly important values for consumers. We are convinced that this initiative will allow us to differentiate ourselves and offer added value to our customers.

In short, the installation of these solar panels is a further demonstration of Worldwide Group's commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. We are convinced that this is the way forward to build a better future for all.

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