Ryme Worldwide for the Healthy Polygon initiative


Participating in the healthy polygon helped to achieve one of the objectives that Worldwide Group raised in 2022 was encourage healthy habits in the team. For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that we have been members of AEPV for many years, we have participated in the programme of Collaborative Gardens.

The programme is an activity in which companies from the industrial estate, together with Aspaniasembark on a collaborative project on their premises. An adventure on which employees from various departments have been working for several months.

The Ryme Worldwide team has been given a plot of land to cultivate an ecological, collaborative and supportive garden. One more opportunity to spend some quality time promoting healthy habits.

Sustainable business in a healthy industrial estate

An initiative with which to improve and commit to health, to improve and promote habits outside working hours, with which to continue enjoying the pleasure of taking care of oneself... In addition to sustainable and healthy growth, committed to the environment.

Ryme Worldwide has long understood that caring for the environment must be an integral part of the whole business concept. From 2021/2022 we are ISO 14001:2015 certified "Environmental Management Systems. A series of processes that certify that Worldwide is not only committed to environmental responsibility in its projects but also internally.

We want this certificate to be only the beginning of a series of habits and a way of doing things so that our team, distributors and customers, understand Worldwide group as an option with an added value: empathy with the environment.

We would also like to thank the team of employees (and families) who have collaborated with us on the project, and we hope they have enjoyed the experience. We look forward to 2023! Where new environmental challenges await us, such as the one we have already faced in Mexico,where the Worldwide solution is already a leading reference.

Caring for the environment is everyone's objective, but it is also TheWorldwideDifference.

Ryme Worldwide scaled collaborative gardens Ryme Worldwide 2 scaled collaborative gardens