Ryme Worldwide will attend Automechanika Frankfurt 2024 from the 10th to the 14th of September


Ryme Worldwide has always made Automechanika a staple of our year. We spend months researching and developing new products to bring to the prestigious show to help drive the industry forward. This year is no different, we are going to be exhibiting from the 10th to the 14th of September at Messe Frankfurt, Hall 8 Booth A-97. Some of the equipment we are going to bring to the show are:

Ryme FRU-4 Brake Tester

“The Ryme flagship” is one of our most tried and tested products, being requested all over the world, from as far as the United States to Australia and New Zealand. Boasting an axle weight capacity of 20T this workhorse is made for any task a commercial workshop can throw its way.

Ryme RT300 Radar Tester

After being debuted in Berlin only last month this is a new addition to our fleet. Our radar tester is one of the few that exists in our market, we have taken steps to show this to everyone and anyone who would listen as we see the importance of such technology in our sectors. The automotive industry is ever-growing, and technology has vastly improved since the invention of Satellite navigation because of this pace it is paramount that we continue to advance testing of the features as they are being added to vehicles and sold as "safety features." Any technology that is important to the safety of the motorist should and will be tested, we want to be part of that.

Ryme R-PC300 Particle Counter

With more and more emphasis on climate change, we see the importance of the fine emission testing, not just on the gases being produced or the density of the smoke, but the actual particles being released. By measuring particle density, we can measure the emission being produced to a higher level, many countries don't require such technology in their tests, and we aim to make this equipment more accepted among testing bodies around the world.

The Innovation Awards

Considering all that has been mentioned before it will come as no surprise that we are going to be entering products from our lineup into the Innovation Awards. Two products we have entered are our new tandem line that includes 2x brake testers, and 2x suspension benches all contained within 1x frame making it simple to implement into inspection lines that need speed and proficiency. Secondly, we have our Particle Counter R-PC300, as previously stated, we as a business are looking to put a strong emphasis on the emissions market.

We are not only showing equipment but also the supporting software, one being our e-swift software solution that connects all smart garage equipment to make a single cabinet solution for workshops. Secondly, VISION is a dynamic data solution for PTI centers and program regulators across the globe. With customizable applications, it streamlines the management of centers, personnel, scheduling, and much more. Integrating Microsoft PowerBI for real-time insights, enhances efficiency and security, revolutionizing PTI operations within a compact design available anywhere an internet connection is available, including mobile devices.

We hope to see you at the show and if you have any questions about the equipment, we have brought to the shows we would be happy to discuss them.