Ryme Worldwide Announces Official Homologation of Four Brake Testers in New Zealand

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Ryme Worldwide and the entire Worldwide Group team are proud to announce the approval of four of the brake testers in our catalog by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) for use in MOT in New Zealand. This certification reaffirms our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of vehicle safety. The distribution company of this equipment in the region, EquipSpecs Ltd, has played a fundamental role in this process, ensuring that the brake testers meet rigorous local and global standards.

The approval of these equipment is a significant milestone for Ryme Worldwide, since demonstrates our ability to meet the highest international standards. This achievement not only strengthens our position in the global market, but also underlines our commitment to the safety and reliability of our products. Equipment such as brake testers are essential to ensure that vehicles in circulation comply with safety regulations, thus contributing to reducing accidents and improving road safety.

EquipSpecs, Ryme's arm in New Zealand and Australia

We especially want to thank our partner in the region, Bruce Hundley, who has led the homologation process in the country.. Bruce and the team at EquipSpecs Ltd have worked tirelessly to ensure that our brake testers not only meet the technical requirements, but are also perfectly suited to the needs of the New Zealand market. Their knowledge of the local market and their dedication have been crucial to achieving this important achievement.

For any questions or to obtain a personalized offer on our equipment, you can contact Bruce Hundley at bruce@equipspecs.co.nz or on the phone +64 (0)21 344 351.

Approved Brake Testers

Brake Testers for Light Vehicles (click to go to the equipment):

FRLLight Vehicle Brake Tester with capacity up to 4 T, compact version and 4.8 kW motors.
FRL 5.5Light vehicle brake tester with capacity up to 6 T, compact version and 5.5 kW motors.

These models are designed specifically for WOF (Warranty of Fitness) sites, ensuring accurate and reliable inspection of light vehicles. The approval of these brake testers ensures that light vehicles can be inspected with the latest generation technology, resulting in greater safety for all road users.

Brake Testers for Heavy Vehicles (click to go to equipment):

FRU 4: Universal brake tester with capacity up to 20 T, lifting bed and load simulation system.
FRU-P: Universal brake tester with capacity up to 20 T and load simulation.

These models are approved for use at COF (Certification of Fitness) sites and meet NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) standards, providing a detailed and accurate assessment of heavy vehicles. The FRU 4 and FRU-P brake testers are designed to handle the complexities and demands of heavy vehicle inspection, ensuring these economically crucial vehicles operate safely and efficiently.

Official Homologation Links

Since May 22, 2024, the approval of our technology is official and public. For official approval details, please visit the following links in the New Zealand Government Gazzette:

FRL approval
FRL 5.5 approval
FRU 4 approval
FRU-P approval

The beginning of a long road

We would like to thank our colleagues at NZ Transport Agency who have collaborated with our partner EquipSpecs throughout the homologation process. This joint effort has been vital to achieving this achievement and we are confident that we will continue to collaborate in the future to bring the pioneering technology of Worldwide Group to the land of the great cloud.

The approval of these brake testers represents a significant advance for us in our mission to offer cutting-edge technological solutions for vehicle safety. This achievement not only allows us to expand our presence in a market that we find deeply interesting, but also drives us to continue innovating and improving our products to meet the changing needs of the automotive industry.

For more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us through our corporate emails, web form or social networks. We are committed to providing the best support and most advanced solutions to our customers around the world.

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