We start 2022 with a stronger international presence

International presence Worldwide group 60 countries

The year 2021 has been a very complex year for all of us as we have seen our lives around the world continue to be affected by COVID 19. The Worldwide Group companies are no strangers to this and we look forward to a speedy global recovery.

Despite this, Ryme Worldwide continues to work hard in both domestic and international markets, growing from strength to strength. All departments of our company have grown and our international partners continue to work to offer our range of products worldwide.

Not only does it improve our team, but also our presence in international markets. The presence of our partners and the work of our sales department reinforce the presence of our brand all over the world.

Currently, the Worldwide Group's equipment and services are in the following areas more than 60 countries and we expect to enter more markets in 2022. In addition, the comprehensive solutions offered by Ryme Worldwide are already working in projects around the world such as Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia or the Vehicle Verification model in Mexico.

It is a pleasure for us to receive visits from our partners and we look forward to meet again to continue closing deals. More and more places in the world are getting to know The Worldwide Difference.