The round of exchanges between the companies in the group begins

One of the objectives they set themselves when they Worldwide Environmental Products acquired the majority of Ryme's shares was to create a joint team working as closely as possible on the common objectives of the group.

To this end, the group's management designed a programme of #WorldwideExchange exchanges between the different teams to enable them to meet face-to-face. Restrictions due to the pandemic have forced us to delay this project, but fortunately it has now begun.

This first trip was made by three Ryme department managers (Operations, IT and After Sales), who travelled to California to meet the WEP (Worldwide Environmental Products) team.

The visit comes at a perfect time of the year, as 2022 is fast approaching, a year full of challenges around the world for the entire Worldwide group. The balance of this first phase of the project is very positive and we hope to be able to show you more progress little by little.

A different way of building the team.

The Worldwide Difference