We upgraded the scales of our lines together with Tecbas

Tecbas Ryme inspection line scales

As part of the inspection process, it is essential to weigh the different vehicles that pass through our lines. High tonnage vehicles pass through our lines on a daily basis, requiring high quality platforms that can withstand the weight of the vehicles and at the same time be accurate in their measurement.

In order to offer the best solutions, we work together with our partner Tecbas ScalesTecbas, a company from Toledo with more than 4 decades of experience in the sector. Tecbas is "committed to the training of its professionals and to the internal rigour of its procedures" and, due to its professionalism and dedicated work, Ryme Worldwide has chosen it to be our official supplier of scales.

Within its range, we chose the Weighing scalesideal for inspection. This product (with all its accessories), has what is necessary for our customers: robust structure, anti-tip system and the possibility of obtaining axle to axle weights. Despite being a product of about 15,000 kilos, it is designed for limited spaces.

In addition, the scale includes a keyboard with a high contrast LCD display for data visualisation, as well as a touch screen keyboard. All of this is linked under its own software with the ability to communicate with Microges.

During these months, we continue working with Tecbas to be able to offer the best solutions in portable scales. Consult here all its products.

Having the best partners at the best price is also The Worldwide Difference.