• Hicham Temsamani, new Deputy CEO


    Hicham Temsamani, new Deputy CEO

    Worldwide group continues its international expansion process and this means that the group’s companies need to restructure the organizational chart. Therefore, Worldwide group is pleased to share the appointment of Hicham Temsamani as the new Deputy Managing Director of Ryme Worldwide SA.

    Michael Delaney, CEO of Ryme Worldwide commented: “Two years after Worldwide Environmental Products acquired Ryme Worldwide, we are pursuing a global growth strategy for the Worldwide Group that requires continuous restructuring at the executive level. I am confident that Hicham Temsamani with his background and experience in the industry is a key player within the organization to meet our objectives and I wish him good luck in his new role and offer him my full support”.

    The position of Deputy Managing Director, is a key position in the structure of the Spanish company, as the new objectives of the company and the group pose to the organization of the company more organization, implementation strategies and support to our CEO.

    For our new Deputy Managing Director “It is an important challenge and an exciting stage that follows, I am sure that with the help of all my colleagues in Ryme Worldwide or “family” as I call them, we will meet the objectives set and we will continue to position ourselves as a world leader in the field of technical vehicle inspection. Thank you for the trust placed in me to perform this great work with the responsibility that this requires”.

    Your Worldwide Group “family” congratulates you for this new stage that begins and wishes you much prosperity. Let’s continue to show what TheWorldwideDifference is.