Worldwide launches its new group corporate image

Logo Worldwide Group

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc.Ryme Worldwide, S.A. and our additional companies and offices around the world are pleased to announce the creation of the Worldwide Group. In addition to the structural and administrative changes we are making to maintain our rapid growth in the vehicle inspection industry, the Worldwide Group logo will present our companies with a unified image in addition to each company's respective logo.

"We are a group with an international presence! The Worldwide Group will continue to increase its development in vehicle inspection solutions worldwide. Thanks to the vertical integration of our supply chain and the components that make up our technology package, we are able to offer standard or customised solutions in record time. We are committed to enhancing our presence in our existing markets as well as aggressively growing into new territories, both organically and through acquisition. Bill Delaney, Group President Worldwide

For a comprehensive and unified solution, the group companies need an image that unifies the Worldwide essence both internally and externally. Therefore, during 2022, the group's companies will be implementing Worldwide at their international events (which we will be confirming very soon).

In terms of design, the new logo continues with the corporate image that Worldwide Environmental started in 2019, where the check is still present along with our corporate colours. In short, the intention is to continue with the line of work that Worldwide is establishing in its image: e-swift, vision, verifica...

This new logo is a reflection of the evolution of the Worldwide group of companies. We want to continue to grow in order to continue to show the world what is The Worldwide Difference