• Ryme Worldwide’s family grows with the EIS5000

    Ryme Worldwide’s family grows with the EIS5000

    In our eagerness to grow and always offer our customers top quality products and cutting-edge technology, we are proud to present our latest addition to one of the most extensive catalogs of products for technical vehicle inspection at international level.

    We present in society the new EIS 5000 measuring equipment, a state-of-the-art equipment capable of performing any vehicle emissions verification.

    With a robust industrial design designed for professionals with a high level of demand, the EIS 5000 measuring equipment is BAR 97 and CENAM certified. It has a cooling system to be able to work in environments with extreme temperatures. This system together with the latest EOBD technology achieves a perfect coordination between vehicle and measuring equipment.

    The EIS 5000 includes:

    • 5-gas analyzer
    • Sample conditioner
    • Solid state cooler
    • High pressure purge
    • Zero air generator
    • NDIR 5-gas cell
    • Wireless barcode scanner
    • Unique modular design
    • Laser printer
    • LCD monitor

    The EIS 5000 is an innovative instrument capable of performing absolute zero gas concentration calibration and at the same time controlling the input of low and high concentrations.