Worldwide Group will be present as diamond sponsor at CITA International Conference 2023


Rotterdam prepares to welcome the 6 to 8 June leading vehicle inspection associations and companies from all over the world at the upcoming CITA International Conference. In this context, we are pleased to announce that the Worldwide Group of companies will be present to share their expertise in the field and promote the transformative capacity of Vehicle Inspection worldwide.

The event, which will take place in the Netherlands, brings together industry leaders, experts and practitioners on a unique platform where they will explore the latest innovations and trends in the field of vehicle inspection.

Worldwide Group will present its cutting-edge approach to harnessing technology to improve vehicle inspection processes.. Recognising that the digital age has brought unprecedented opportunities, the company has focused on developing innovative solutions that harness the power of data to optimise inspection accuracy, efficiency and safety.

CITA International Conference and Worldwide Group

During the event, representatives of Worldwide Group will share success stories and best practices in the use of advanced technologies to improve inspection centres and inspection models. These solutions have proven to be The following are essential to more accurately identify potential problems and hazards in vehicles, thus providing greater confidence to users and regulators.

Worldwide Group's participation in the CITA International Conference marks another milestone in its commitment to lead the digital transformation in the field of vehicle inspections. The company is proud to contribute to the advancement of the industry, working with associations and companies around the world to promote higher standards of quality and safety.

Organisations most interested in learning about Worldwide Group's solutions and how the use of data can strengthen inspection effectiveness will be at the CITA International Conference in Rotterdam. We don't want to miss this opportunity to show how data is revolutionising the vehicle inspection landscape and improving safety on our roads.

Leading the technological process of vehicle inspection in collaboration with public and private entities is also a key issue. TheWorldwideDifference is