These are the 5 keys to passing the ITV in summer

In summer, the number of journeys and therefore the number of journeys increases considerably. For obvious safety reasons, it is therefore essential to have our vehicle ready to pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection (TÜV).

From Ryme Worldwide, as an MOT equipment company, it is essential to inform you of the importance of passing your vehicle's MOT, not only for safety reasons, but also for reasons of common welfare.

Summer journeys are somewhat more complex than in the rest of the year: high temperatures, more weight in the vehicle, increased fatigue... That is why the vehicle factor is even more important.

The ITV in summer

For this reason, we present the 5 keys to passing the Technical Vehicle Inspection:

  • Tyres: High temperatures, combined with increased car weight and longer journeys, can form a dangerous combination for the car. The level of tyre wear and tyre inflation can affect braking.
  • Lights: Despite the fact that in the summer months there are more hours of daylight, lights are an element that allows us to be seen on the road. We must also make sure that our headlights do not dazzle other road users.
  • Fluids: There is a technique for checking that your vehicle is not leaking fluids. With the car parked, put a piece of cardboard under the engine compartment and check the next morning that the cardboard is still clean.
  • Windows: The front window is the one that causes the most headaches, any bump, no matter how small, can become irreparable damage. Therefore, the recommendation is clear, when we see a bump or scratch on the windscreen, we should go to our trusted garage.
  • Emissions: Emissions tests are (and will become) increasingly stringent, so if you detect strange fumes or odours in your vehicle, go to the garage before you go for your MOT.


We hope you have found this information useful.

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