The importance of brake fluid

brake fluid-

Brake fluid is an essential part of our car's safety system. It is responsible for transmitting the force we apply to the brake pedal to each brake of the vehicle to stop it or slow it down. Brake fluid goes bad due to the air in the environment, causing the fluid to become damp, thus giving a spongy feel to the brake pedal.

Due to humidity and also to the wear and tear of the liquid itself, the boiling point of the liquid can decrease by 20% in two years. For this reason, it is highly recommended to replace the brake fluid in your car every two years.

There is nothing worse than setting off on a journey and having a problem with the brake fluid. It is therefore advisable to check the brake fluid level before setting off on a journey to ensure that it is within limits. One reason for brake fluid loss is wear of the brake pads and discs. It is advisable to check them every 15,000 kilometres and renew them when the garage tells you to do so.Otherwise the discs could be damaged and the repair would be more expensive.

How to check brake fluid

It is a very corrosive fluid, so it is best to leave this renewal in the hands of an expert. When the car is serviced, it is also important to check the braking circuit to ensure that no fluid is leaking.

What is important, and this cannot be done at home, is to change the brake fluid every two years. During this time, the level can drop to 20% due to boiling, humidity and wear, so it is a good idea to visit a garage to have it changed.