Baja California project takes shape

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. (Worldwide) was awarded a contract with the Government of Baja California to implement and administer the new vehicle verification programme. After a competitive bidding process in which 13 bids were submitted, Worldwide was awarded the contract, with verification centres to be established throughout the state, including Ensenada, Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito.

The Worldwide group is particularly excited about this project, as we share the air with our brothers in Mexico. For us, the environment of California and Baja California is the same.

We came to Baja California under the brand of verfica (verificación + california), a hybrid brand between the government of Baja California and Worldwide. Verifica is the programme that intends to bring to Baja California "The verification they deserve".

The official verifica accounts are now active and you can follow them to see how the project evolves:

You can also read the official statement made by Worldwide at:

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