These are the award winners in the Motortec Innovation Gallery


Motortec Automechanika Madrid will recognise the value of 27 products and services in the Innovation Gallery of the fair, which will open its doors on Wednesday 13 March. With this area, Motortec aims to highlight the R&D&I efforts of companies in the automotive sector, recognising their work in this space in Pavilion 7, where the products chosen by the jury will be on display.

These will be classified into three groups: award winnersThey will also receive a trophy; special mentionand will be awarded a diploma; and selectedwhich will simply be on display in the Gallery, within the nine categories of the competition. The winners will receive their awards on Wednesday 13 March, at 18:30, in the Motortec Gala. The winners in each category are:

  1. Autonomous, Connected and Safer Mobility. In the first category, the prize was awarded to the device Bosch Car Service Connectof Robert Bosch Spainwhich received an average score of 7 from the jury.
  2. Electrical and Electronic Components. The Intelligent Corner Moduleof Schaeffler Grouphas been awarded the first prize of the Gallery, with special mention to the particle sensors. EGS-PMof Robert Bosch Spainand the new Seat E600 100% Electricof Recalvi. The universal pilots Full LED from Aragón Hitches and Trailers have been chosen as the selected product for the Innovation Gallery.
  3. Mechanical components. The first prize went to the Brake particulate filterof Mann+Hummel UKwith a special mention in this category for the HiPRO Power Dense bearingsof Fersa Bearings. In addition, two products have been selected to be exhibited in the Gallery: the Cabin air filter for motorbike helmetsof Mann+Hummel UKand the aluminium clamp and applied clamp technology Flexira TMof Brembo Corporation Upwards 98.
  4. CoMaintenance components. In this category, the first prize went to the windscreen washer fluid distribution system. Aquablade Rof Valeo Service Spain. Special mention goes to the brake pads. Icer E2 Brake Padsof Icer Brakes, and for the brembo disc Co-Castof Brembo Corporation Upwards 98. The selected product was the cabin air filter from Valeo Service Spain.
  5. Equipand Tools for the Workshop. In this category, it is worth highlighting the Automatic door pressure dynamometerof RYME-Técnicas Reunidas de Automociónwhich has been awarded the Commercial Vehicle Award. The first prize in the category went to the wheel aligner from Launch Ibericaand a special mention for the robotic dismantling machine. Hunter Revolution Walkaway TCR1of Cometil Spain and for the industrial tyre changer AG652 NHof Aguado Automoción. The products selected for the Gallery were the antifreeze G-13 50% SI-OATof Flow Chemistryand the tyre changer AG119 NHof Aguado Automotive. 
  6. JanAlternative Energies. The first prize went to the hybrid vehicle. Valeo 48V PHEVof Valeo Service SpainThe company's air-conditioning system has also received special mention. Valeo R744 for the Motortec Innovation Gallery.
  7. Service and Washing Stations. The first prize went to the application Smartwashof Istobal Spainand a special mention to the manual pressure sprayer. IK Multi Pro 9of Goizper S. Coop.
  8. CoBodywork components. In this category, the first prize went to the air-drying rig. Upper Filler Dry Airof Ayzer Europe.
  9. To bevices or Platforms for Management, Training, Diagnosis and Information in the Workshop. The first prize in the last category went to the software from Technical Training with Augmented Reality from Robert Bosch Spain. Special mention goes to claims assessment. New FT Estimate from GT Motiveand the selected product was the app for incidents in garages Visual Connectof Robert Bosch Spain.