• We continue with our commitment to the environment

    We continue with our commitment to the environment

    Both Ryme Worldwide and Worldwide Environmental are constantly working on products and solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the planet. Our gas analyzers are emission controllers that are in the MOT stations regulating whether vehicle emissions are adequate.

    Every week, we continue to work to improve these products and adapt our portfolio to the new challenges and the 2030 agenda, collaborating as manufacturers to make emission controllers more effective.

    When we talk about emissions control, it’s not just about working for sustainable development, it’s about saving lives. Did you know that some three million deaths a year are related to air pollution in urban areas? More than twice as many as traffic accident victims.

    In our country, pollution is related to the death of more than 27,000 people a year, while traffic accident fatalities are 1,160, based on the latest data published by the Directorate General of Traffic.

    The ITVs help to remove from the roads the most polluting vehicles whose emissions exceed the limits set by law, helping to reduce pollution, since road traffic generates around three quarters of the air pollution in urban areas.

    As our work we do not want it to be only as manufacturers, but we want to actively participate in raising awareness of our public in networks and our employees throughout the week.

    Both in our networks (Twitter and Linkedin), as well as Worldwide Environmental’s, you will find data, games, resources… to understand in a different way the importance of believing in sustainable development.

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    It’s not just the planet, it’s our lives.

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